Team INDI conducted a design thinking workshop with educationalists associated with schools and a agriculture university in Baramati to give them an overview into how design thinking can help them ideate for new opportunities within their respective departments. The first half of the day was about design, design process, design personality and myths about design. The second half was a hands on experience in a team activity.

One of the tools we used was the ‘Stakeholder Tool’ where the attendees were encouraged to see things from the other side… a different perspective. It was challenging to make people leave their comfort zone and do something they had never tried their hand at.

Key Takeaways and some practical tips/observations:

  • What might seem like a challenge (speaking in local language) can actually become the advantage to connect with the audience. For someone who thinks in English, it was quite a task to conduct the workshop in Hindi / Marathi – but that is what won the audiences attention…with Sudhir Sharma
  • Examples work wonders! Spend a considerable amount of time on looking for right examples – well-planned presentation is half the battle won.
  • Post it notes facilitate team work and generate enthusiasm within the team. The fact that they can be moved from one spot to the other fascinated our attendees.
  • Presenting ideas in front of an audience gives every team a sense of ownership. This also leads to discussions and challenges the team members to think holistically.
  • Workshops need a LOT of time planning and even that seems little – workshops just have the tendency to run over and that is something that is beyond your control – act smart on the spot and club steps to get to the end goal. Make changes spontaneously and take things under control.
  • Keep your audience in mind and design the activities accordingly. A step by step approach could work for some while others could demand for something more holistic. This being a workshop in a rural area the approach was directive, but it helped because we were not looking for path breaking ideas or blue sky innovations!


About Neha Thakurdesai

Neha Thakurdesai, heads INDI Research, leading a team of designers who are passionate about ‘designing experiences’. INDI Research helps clients and colleagues think about the connections between people, brands, products and services. Neha has worked as a Design Researcher with BBC, PDD, Matt&John (London), Tata Elxsi (Bangalore) for multi-national clientele like Unilever, Reckitt Benkiser and Pepsico. Neha holds a masters degree in Design Ethnography from the University of Dundee, Scotland and a masters degree in Communication Management from the Pune University.

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