Yesterday, I was on a Indigo flight from Bangalore to Pune…and I had a ‘seepage experience’. I walked to my isle seat (12C) and as I was about to be seated I saw a tissue sticking out of a slit below the cabin – which was later binned after sorry’s from the air-hostess. When the flight took off – from that very place there was some green liquid leaking right on my face! That dripping went on till we were straight up in air and cruising…luckily there was one empty seat in the last row which I later occupied.


I was disgusted initially, but then I was also a little skeptical about the safety measures that the airlines claim to make. The flight route was Kochi – Bangalore – Pune – Delhi; and to meet the promise of ‘being on time’ the airline hadn’t checked the seepage with the service engineer at the Bangalore airport and don’t think they did that at the Pune airport either.

What kind of experiences are the customers paying for? And what safety measures are compromised on?

If this was an experience on the award winning Indigo airlines then I wonder how bad Air India must be to be ranked world’s 3rd worst airlines.

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Neha Thakurdesai, heads INDI Research, leading a team of designers who are passionate about ‘designing experiences’. INDI Research helps clients and colleagues think about the connections between people, brands, products and services. Neha has worked as a Design Researcher with BBC, PDD, Matt&John (London), Tata Elxsi (Bangalore) for multi-national clientele like Unilever, Reckitt Benkiser and Pepsico. Neha holds a masters degree in Design Ethnography from the University of Dundee, Scotland and a masters degree in Communication Management from the Pune University.

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