Recently I was invited to deliver a special speech at a conference in Hyderabad, which was mostly attended by the packaging, packaging technology experts and packaging industry owners. I was to speak on “consumer trends” and preferences.(put the detail of the conference here). I reached the hotel in the evening before my speech and chatted up with Deepak Manchanda, expert and consultant to the event. I gave me a few tips on what i should speak on. He suggested that i should speak on how packaging industry needs to brand itself (since i am a branding expert). This made sense to me and i spent the night in creating a new Prezi on this topic. I was glad i did not speak on technology preferences, consumer trends from sale point of view, since almost every speaker who spoke after me was an authority on the topic. I learnt so much about Track and trace systems, and about counterfeiting Industry, about scaling of packaging industry. It is scary to know that 40% of medicines and milk packaging is adulterated, one of the biggest concerns of consumers, when you talk about packaging is “Environment” and it is catching up in India. This is where I find a niche for Indian packaging Industry to brand itself and grow exponentially. Indian packaging Industry is about 11% of the global industry (that is not small) and is growing at the rate of 30% or more year on year. Not surprising, given that it is a fast growing and emerging market. Most of the packaging companies are small, micro and big ones all have investments from worlds largest companies. There is not much investment in R&D, and focus is all on growth thru volumes. So machines, people, spaces and geography are leading this Industry right now. It is obvious if the Industry comes together and takes lead in environmental issues with packaging, it would set a bench mark for the world. In global terms it is a small industry, in growth terms it has probably the biggest potential. A stand that this industry would only grow on the foundations of responsible design and green materials will make the global leaders to sit up and take notice. It is also not far fetched to evolve R&D that is indigenous and around green principles. There is a lot to gain, India could easily be positioned as the green packaging industry for the world.

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