On the occasion of Makar Sankrant (harvest festival), we decided to make kites for the studio. It was a fun activity to get back to sharing and using paints, scissors and coloured paper. It also ended up being a learning / adding knowledge activity.



In Gujarat people fly kites as adulation to the Gods – the scientific reason being that the human body needs sunlight and this is the best way to celebrate a festival outdoors and get some sunlight while flying kites all day long. In Maharashtra people wear something black on this occasion – the reason being that this festival falls in the peak of winters and black absorbs heat and keeps you warm in the winter season.

There are many scientific reasons behind the traditions we follow blindly and I am going to attempt to unearth these through simple everyday stories and happenings around me.


About Neha Thakurdesai

Neha Thakurdesai, heads INDI Research, leading a team of designers who are passionate about ‘designing experiences’. INDI Research helps clients and colleagues think about the connections between people, brands, products and services. Neha has worked as a Design Researcher with BBC, PDD, Matt&John (London), Tata Elxsi (Bangalore) for multi-national clientele like Unilever, Reckitt Benkiser and Pepsico. Neha holds a masters degree in Design Ethnography from the University of Dundee, Scotland and a masters degree in Communication Management from the Pune University.

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