A leading private bank in India, wanted to make their bank statements comprehendible and usable for their customers.

We had to understand the RBI guidelines, the bank requirements and the customer needs. The challenge was to design a statement to meet the requirements of such a diverse stakeholder group.



Understanding the Customer Perspective –┬áThe process:

Our first step was to understand the current bank statement and its usability. We conducted indepth contextual interviews with customers from diverse demographics in their homes, in banks and offices. We did some desk research to benchmark competitive bank statements.

The next step was to understand the bank guidelines and the perspective of stakeholders (marketing, general banking, privilege banking, wealth banking, management) within the private bank.
The insights were then presented to the client and the design team to proceed with the redesigning of the statement.

Simplifying and de-cluttering the statement –┬áThe solution:

We redesigned a framework for the statements which made them a part of the bigger family; The corporate color palette was used to segregate the statements.

The terminology was changed from the banking jargon into simpler language, relevant information was added based on the type of customer, advertisement space was rearranged to add value to the statements.