Our client, a forum for farmers, researchers and educators, was undergoing the process of re-branding by our parent group – INDI design.

Their original website was looking old fashioned and needed a facelift. In addition it was not up to date with the social networking platforms.

The site was not interactive and the users were finding it difficult to share, comment and stay connected.


Practical Design – The Process:

Our first step was to explore user requirements through focus groups and interviews. We also reviewed other, similar websites and networking platforms from around the world to identify best practice and innovative ideas. This enabled us to propose new structures and functionality.

We then discussed and consulted the proposed plans with the client’s development team and helped them transition from inflexible, proprietary platforms to scalable & robust open source technologies.

From this work we were able to create a new information architecture for the site including detailed wireframes for new functionality, plus the graphical assets (imagery, buttons, navigation bars etc) that the site would need.

Complete Design – The Solution:

Detailed wireframes, page templates and individual graphical assets were produced so that the developer team had everything they needed to build the site.

We also helped develop the app and tap into the mobile user experience around it. The app that was developed was platform independent to make it accessible and functional on Android, iOS and Blackberry OS.The transition from a website to an app, made the information more usable for the users.